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Project “Socially Driven Green labs” with funding under the Erasmus + program KA220-HED Cooperation partnerships in the higher education sector

As part of this year’s call for proposals for the Erasmus + program, Cooperation Partnerships in the Higher Education Sector, the Pedagogical University received funding for the implementation of the project entitled “Socially Driven Green labs”, which was prepared jointly with five partner institutions from the Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium and Poland. The partnership consists of: the University of Economics in Prague (Czech Republic), the University of Macedon and the Stimmuli for Social Change Association (Greece), The Square Dot team (Belgium) and the Association for Social Cooperatives (Poland).

The project received funding in the amount of EUR 361,221 and its implementers on behalf of the Pedagogical University will be a team of researchers from the Institute of Law and Economics composed of: Dr. Elżbieta Szczygieł – coordinator, Dr. Katarzyna Kowalska, Dr. Paulina Szyja and Dr. Renata Śliwa.

The project involves the implementation of international scientific research in the field of green skills in the field of social economy. As part of them, an attempt will be made to define the current and future shortages of green skills among employees and members of social economy entities, which is of great importance for the implementation of the ecological transformation favorable to social inclusion. Social economy actors provide jobs for over 13.6 million people in Europe and are often pioneers in local green endeavors by promoting sustainable cooperation systems between businesses and citizens with the ultimate goal of combating climate change. Planning the research will be used to develop comprehensive support in the field of raising green skills among academic teachers and students of faculties related to the social economy, including in the form of business simulators and a summer school.

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poland  University of the National Education Commission, Krakow, Poland


greece  Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

czech  Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic

greece  University of Macedonia, Greece

belgium  The Square Dot team, Belgium

poland  Association for Social Cooperatives, Poland


July 2024