Socially Driven Green labs students’ upskilling programme

This result offers an educational package with a holistic, synergistic and multi-level approach that equips students in SE related study fields with necessary knowledge and forward looking skills of future green entrepreneurs. The programme focuses on students’ capacity building and further upskilling following a blended learning paradigm through innovative, experiential and collaborative pedagogical practices. A comprehensive programme for students is designed incorporating both theoretical and practical elements of green skills literacy and environmental sustainability and will be consisted of the following elements:

  • Online pocket courses that are a structured approach to allow students and teachers better explore the potential of the SE for achieving green growth. The package of online courses/lectures could be used to complement existing courses or curricula or utilized separately by students who wish to co-create and experiment with green SEEs. The online pocket courses are provide a step-by-step guide (including time plan, recommended resources and overview of content) and implementation examples on the different phases of the SDG labs:
    • DEFINE: providing an introductory session on environmental sustainability issues and the main green business areas where SE is applied;
    • IDEATE: students are supported on how to ideate on their own socially driven green business solutions using the SDG business canvas;
    • EXPERIMENT: students in collaboration with green SEEs have the opportunity to test their green business ideas using SDG business simulation models and understand the consequences of real business decisions/actions;
    • VALIDATE: reflection sessions organized with the participation of all SDG labs participants in order to identify the areas of further improvement.
  • On-campus learning programme: a ready-to-use educational package will be delivered that will provide the overall structure (explaining the 4 phases of the labs), time plan and learning resources forming the curriculum of the “SDG Labs summer school” that will act as a test-bed for the overall educational programme. The summer school offers an intensive and stimulating learning experience where students meet with real-world community environmental challenges and collaborate on projects taking inspiration from local social entrepreneurs and green sector organisations


poland  Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland


greece  Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

czech  Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic

greece  University of Macedonia, Greece

belgium  The Square Dot team, Belgium

poland  Association for Social Cooperatives, Poland


June 2024