SDG Labs Handbooks

This publication is a part of intellectual outputs is an outcome of a project “Harnessing the potential of the Social Economy towards a green transformation through the establishment of Socially Driven Green Labs within Universities” (SDG Labs) (Project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-HED-000032077).

The first handbook provides useful guidance to teachers on how to set up and run an SDG Lab, both online and physically. The handbook provides a concise and brief terminology of the SDG Labs and its main elements, participants and included objectives.

This second handbook will provide an overview of the key features and functions of the MOOC SDG Labs educational program, with detailed instructions on how to use them, clustered in the 4 themes that cover key SE areas for the green transition.

The final handbook is an overview of the simulation methodology that underlies all the models that will be used as teaching material. Thus, the content is focused on giving an overview of what is a system, how it can be represented with variables (nodes) and inter- relationships (links with polarity) and how feedback loops are formed. Moreover, a general introduction of the quantitative aspect of the methodology is presented

Please find here all the handbooks for download