Socially Driven Green Labs Digital Gallery

The main objective of this output is to deliver a comprehensive and practical package of Open Educational Resources (OER) including all the necessary teaching and learning materials (case studies, educational resources) that will be utilized by universities applying the SDG Labs educational programme. This result will provide a wide range of ready to use, co-creation activities and lecture plans as well as a number of case studies showcasing how environmental sustainability is being applied in the SE business sector.
Specifically, the SDG Labs digital gallery is consisted of the following οn-line elements:

  • An online repository of interactive and co-creation activities supporting social and green entrepreneurial competence development that can be utilized by university teachers when implementing the SDG Labs programme.
  • An online screening tool with case studies of SEEs that operate in economic sectors with environmental objectives (e.g. rural development, renewable energy, re-use and recycling, sustainable housing and agriculture) and/or incorporate green practices and environmental-friendly approaches into their activities.
  • A digital package of Lecture Plans providing clear and easy to follow steps in order to deliver lessons that incorporate the aspect of environmental sustainability and cultivate students’ skills related to green transition in specific SE courses.


    poland  Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland


    greece  Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece

    czech  Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic

    greece  University of Macedonia, Greece

    belgium  The Square Dot team, Belgium

    poland  Association for Social Cooperatives, Poland


    November 2022
    M T W T F S S