Project Summary

The Project


SDG Labs project will add to the ultimate aim to fight climate change, towards the achievement of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It aims at designing an innovative educational programme that will equip Higher Education (HE) teachers in Social Economy (SE) related fields with necessary skills, methodologies and knowledge to foster the next generation of green social entrepreneurs. The implementation of the project will incorporate people-centered and Living Labs methodology, and simulation based-learning practices to SE teachers and students, in order to foster green literacy and skills.


The objectives of the project are the following

  • Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices that promote environmental awareness and ignite green changemaking attitudes within the SE sector.
  • To provide a holistic and flexible training programme that will enhance university teachers’ professional development in SE-related fields on how to apply innovative teaching practices related to environmental education and green transition.
  • To foster the next generation of green social entrepreneurs through equipping university SE students with currently needed and forward-looking skills of the green business sector.

Project Leaflet