Multiplier event of Socially Driven Green Labs


Multiplier event of Socially Driven Green Labs – Harnessing the potential of the Social Economy towards a green transformation through the establishment of Socially Driven Green Labs within Universities held at Krakowskie Centrum Edukacji  Klimatycznej, ul. Wielopole 17A, 31-073 Kraków on 12.12.2023 was also an opportunity to open up to other academic initiatives disseminating and stimulating ideas of sustainable development.

One such project proposal was The BIOERA+, which wass designed as a space for developing teaching methodology in the field of bioeconomy more flexible. The special emphasis of the project on the bioeconomy is not only to raise awareness of the sustainable development of Europe, but also to strengthen adaptability to the demands of online work.

Design thinking for Bioeconomy teaching is an interesting didactic proposition within BioEra+ project.

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