Thessaloniki: 2nd transnational partners meeting

The second transnational partners meeting of the “Socially Driven Green labs” project took place on 16th September this year. The event, organised in a stationary format by the host – University of Macedonia – with the option of on-line connection, was attended by representatives of Partner Institutions from the Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium and Poland.

The main topic of the meeting was to discuss the completed process of developing the report after the surveys among the three target groups. The aim of the research was to identify the state of knowledge and skills and competences in the field of green transformation and the circular economy. The translation of the report is almost finished and soon the report in four national partners’ languages (Polish, Greek, Belgium and Czech) will be available on project website as well as on the partners’ websites.

Another element of the meeting was the ongoing work on the On-line Gallery, which will bring together various types of teaching and learning materials through which green skills can be developed. Moreover the discussion about the shape of the SDG Labs Teachers Handbook has started. Teachers’ handbook will be used by HEI teachers as a guide, to help them navigate through the educational materials, innovative methodologies and green terminology designed for the SDG Labs Project. University of Macedonia representatives presented also the first ideas of business stimulation models – the first announcements seem exiting but there is still a lot of work to do by all partners. Last but not least the partners have discussed the upskilling programme and the summer school. The event is scheduled for the next year so it is the time to make the first agreements regarding the place, duration and the number of participants. More details will be agreed during the online meetings – all the partners noted that it is a good practise to meet online at least once
a month.

The partnership implementing the project consists of: Pedagogical University of Krakow (project coordinator), University of Economics in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Macedonia and Stimmuli for Social Change Association (Greece), The Square Dot team (Belgium) and Association for Social Cooperatives (Poland).